Danfo Drivers Announce Comeback

Remember the song Danfo Driver, The popular song which took over the Nigerian airways a decade ago was sung by duo of Mountain Black and Mad Melon.

Mountain Black and Mad Melon (real names Jimoh Olotu and Omeofa Oghene) have revealed why they have been absent and their plans on reinventing theirselves back into the music scene.

The men whose music genre is the Ajegunle’s Galala have been rumoured to have parted ways by their fellow colleagues for some years now.

Thy gave an interview to Vanguard recently.

Excerpts: Q. Is it true that two of you have parted ways?

A. No, we didn’t split, we only quarrelled, but we are still together. And we are still alive, so, no shaking. What actually happened was that we went to school to further our education because we believe education is the key to ultimate success.

Also, we’ve been going round for musical tour; first one was in Mali, followed by another one in Portharcourt. We also performed during the Portharcourt carnival. Presently, we are fully back to the music scene and very soon we will be dropping our new album and that will be in two months’ time as we are still working on it.

Q. Fans have been worried over your absence on the music scene. What has been happening to you two?Continue reading

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