Re: Today Newspaper Story On My Candidature In NPP Flagbearership Race

My attentions been drawn to a story in a newspaper called TODAY in their publication this morning with the headline “Two NPP Aspirants Panic Over Special Congress”.

I wish to state categorically that neither myself nor anyone close to my campaign has spoken to anyone about any “panic over special congress” as the paper claims. I have since spoken to the writer of the said story who has apologise and admitted that he should have cross-checked with me on such a story before going to print. The reporter has deliberately used certain words in quotes to make his story sound credible when no such thing has been said to him by a so-called “deep throat”. This cheap journalism must stop.

I am by this statement assuring all NPP members, my supporters and well-wishers that I am a true democrat and believes and trust in the processes and procedures as outlined by my party. I have confirmed my intention to fully participate in the NPP Flagbearership race and do not have any intention of “holding a press conference to announce” any such thing as “resignation”.

I have built a noble career in politics through tough military regimes and dutifully serving my party and country as MP and a Cabinet Minister to the Glory of God. It is unfortunate for a young journalist to allow himself to be used in an attempt to destroy one’s God-given career.

I have made it clear in my public utterances of my deep faith in the might of God in whose hands power resides. It is God whom I trust; It is He who changes times and seasons; It is He who sets up Kings and deposes them. On my part I will put in the hardwork at the grassroots and where it matters most, and humbly request for the votes of my party delegates whenever the internal elections are held.

In conclusion, Asabee’s candidature is bringing Refreshing Change in our lives. In the short-term my vision is to bring “Stability and Progress in NPP for Victory 2016”, and in the medium to long-term to ensure “A Country that Works to Deliver to Best Practices”. I shall remain focused on my vision to serve Ghanaians.


Stephen Asamoah Boateng