I Want My Kid To Respect Me, Not Fear Me – Wale Gates Defends 21 Year-Old Father Murderer

Comedian Wale Gates has come out and shared his story with his abusive father, as he tries to make sense of the son who killed his father.


He talks about how he didn’t talk to his father for twelve years and how he wants his siblings to respect him and not FEAR him.

In a series of tweets he wrote: “It might come as a surprise but i have little sympathy for the young guy that murdered his RCCG dad.

I am not saying the boy is right, i’m saying i have a abit of smpathy for him cos 1 nite at d age of 19 i could have been in his own situation. My dad only beat your leg’s calfs with a cane which left you with scars that lasted awhile unfortunately i wore shorts to school.

The long lasting scars were more painful than the beatings cos everyone in school saw it and knew how i got it. Soon it progressed. As i got older late teens it progressed to heavy slaps, heavy slaps for nothing.

Like not washing his car to his standard. got seven for that. One night at the age of 19, we had a little disagreement so little it was pointless. And before i knew it my dad was raining blows and slaps on me.Read more

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