‘Change constitution to make politics less attractive’

iea ghana

iea ghana

Takoradi, July 10, GNA – Participants at the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) Winner Takes All consultative forum in Takoradi have called for a review of the constitution to make politics less attractive.

The participants drawn from both Central and Western Region and who were contributing to the debate of whether the winner takes all system of governance should be abolished, generally agreed that, after practising the system for over 20 years, it is time to introduce a new system that would make politics less attractive to people.

Hajia Maimuna Habib-Ahmed, a civil servant from Cape Coast, said at the forum that, the current system of governance has resulted in promoting corruption, as there had been an influx of people with many backgrounds into politics.

She said, it is imperative that the Constitutional Review Commission listened to the opinions being expressed by the populace with regards to the winner takes all system of governance by reviewing the 1992 constitution in a way that would make politics less attractive for people to join.  

She therefore advocated for the reduction of powers being given to the President, as well as instituting a national development plan which would be binding on all ruling political parties.

Hajia Habib-Ahmed also appealed to the Constitutional Review Commission to hasten slowly on the review process, postponed the referendum on the proposed amendments in December this year, and take into consideration the abolishing of the winner takes all system, by introducing a system that would encourage participation by all political parties.

Mr Eric Offei, a representative of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) said, the constitution was supposed to have been changed since 1992, especially with regards to the winner takes all system and the failure by authorities to do so has resulted in polarising the country, after practising it for over 20 years.

He therefore supported the call by the IEA Winner Takes All (WTA) Advisory Committee for the abolition of the current system to pave way for a new one that would help unite the people and accelerate development.

Mr James Atieku, a representative of the Ghana Blind Union and elected Assembly Member said, people with disability should also be made to be represented in Parliament.

He disclosed that even though the President is by law supposed to appoint 30 per cent of Assembly Members to the District Assemblies, the appointments always exceed the percentage which does not help in promoting grassroots democracy.

He called for non-partisan District Assembly governance, as a way to promote development, as well encouraging local participation.

Archbishop Charles Palmer-Buckle, Chairman of the IEA-WTA Advisory Committee assured that, the 11 member committee that after holding the nationwide public consultation, would proposed recommendations for reform with the hope that they may be fed into the nation’s on-going constitution review process.


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