Castro’s Disappearance: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Ghanaians and the diehard fans of the fast rising artiste, Castro has been thrown into mourning since 5th of July when it was announced that De Destroyer crooner drowned while on a Jet Ski at the Ada Estuary resort.

Since then, a lot of how the drowning happened are being bounded about despite the fact that no eye witness account can be legitimately be relied upon?

Who saw that the lady riding shotgun on the jet ski fell into the river or sea and Castro jumped in to save her since there was no witness?

Some people have been referring to this lady as mermaid(Maame Water) and want to blame her for Castro’s death which has infuriated the parents of this 24 year old beauty parents whose father was a former military staff sergeant and a known Athlete.People have forgotten that Janet Bandu, the drown lady in question parents are also mourning the apparent death of their daughter and should be left to mourn their daughter in peace. The fact that she was not a celebrity does not mean that her death should be marginalized.

A lot of people want to have their fifteen minutes of fame and are coming up with some silly stories that defy logic and that should not have got any air time but our infant radio stations that lack professional integrity have thrown decency to the winds and broadcasting these stories.

One of these cuckoos professing to be a soothsayer has come out to explain why Castro is missing. According to him, “Maame Water” mermaid wants to marry Castro for three years and have children with him and after that, Castro will come back to earth as if nothing happened.

Another one predicted that the body will definitely be found today,06/09/14, no two ways about it because that is what his spirit has told him.

What I found curious and personally primitive is how some chiefs at these area where the drowning supposedly took place has gone to the area with Greater Accra Regional Minister where they were drowned and poured some schnapps into the water so that the sea will release the bodies and promised the bodies will be found in a couple of days. Are these predictions based on spiritual powers or it is based on science?

When people get drown, the bodies usually come to the surface within 3 days to a couple of weeks based on biological theories and not any spirit. Basically what happens is the body starts to rot after about 2-3 days, which causes gases to form inside the body…then it floats for a day or two, until the gases escape, then it sinks again. That’s why they call drowning victims “floaters”. when you first drown, you sink for a few days, that’s why they “drag” for bodies. Then you bloat, and they just look for you floating…then a couple days later, if you weren’t found, they drag again, because the gas escapes and you sink for good! . A large overweight person with lots of body fat will float quite well.

Where the search party has been concentrated is the estuary and that is where the river joins the sea and this place is dangerous for anybody whether a good swimmer or not because of the current. The body at the moment since they haven’t found it might have been carried away miles away where they were drowned. Some of the drowned bodies are not found at all because they stay in the sea bed or they are eaten by the sharks.

I heard the parents of Janet Bandu demanding from Castro or his parents to produce their daughter and mine suspicious self immediately thought the parents were laying foundation for a lawsuit and you can’t blame me for being suspicious after living in the land of lawsuits, U .S of A. At least the resort operators should be sued for negligence renting a SKI JET TO ITS PATRONS WITHOUT LIFE JACKET OR PATRONS WHO ARE ALLEGED TO BE INTOXICATED.