Why Would I Want To Destabilise My State – Oshiomhole

Edo State Governor, Adams Oshiomhole yesterday claimed that no one can intimidate him and he said the recent statement by PDP national public secretary Olisa Metuh that he was trying to destabilise his state was wrong.

The governor said that even though he has right to do what he wants with his career, but if he does that it would have nothing to do with Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

He also reveals that he won’t destabilize the state he helped build in order to enter the Vice President position.

He said: “And as you read one Metuhsella or Olisa Metuh or by whatever name he is called, he was reported as saying that I am destabilizing Edo state because I want to contest for Vice Presidency. Now that is standing logic upside down.”

“If I want to contest the vice presidency do I need to destabilize the government that I currently head?” “So they have let out the cat meaning that they are afraid for their own rumoured ambition that I want to contest for vice presidency.

So the point I want to make is that, if I even decide to contest for the presidency, PDP cannot intimidate me, I have a right to do so if it is my conviction.” “It is unfortunate that some people want to put their individual interest above national interest and I cannot be intimidated.

I’m firmly on ground and there is nothing to worry about.” 

PDP’s national public secretary Olisa Metuh had accused the Oshiomole led Edo government of trying to turn the state into a wrring region as Oshiomole is looking for a way out.

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