50-Year Jail Term For Corrupt Judges In Nigeria

Former Minister of Sports , Prof. Taoheed Adedoja, and a legal practitioner based in Ibadan, Akintayo Adeyemi, have expressed their support for the 50-year jail term recommended for corrupt judges by delegates at the ongoing National Conference in Abuja.

According to the News Agency of Nigeria, NAN, Adedoja believes that the jail term for corrupt judges, death sentence for rapists and life imprisonment for those who embezzle public funds were in order.

“The recommendations are very okay as long as it will not be personalised and politicised. Personalisation and politicisation of issues of public interest like corruption had in the past made nonsense of Nigerian laws,” he said.

* Ex Minister of Sports, Prof. Taoheed Adedoja

* Ex Minister of Sports, Prof. Taoheed Adedoja

Also commenting on the matter, legal practitioner Adeyemi, said it was not the severity of the punishment that was important but enforcement of the law.

“There are laws made to guide the conduct of all across different strata and professions, but the enforcement procedures are so defective.

“So, it is not the length of time of punishing any corrupt judge or public officer that matters, but ensuring a good working environment for them. The recommendations should, instead, be focused on ensuring better welfare for judges, civil servants and all members of the society.Read more

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