PHOTOS: How Actress Chika Ike Cheated On Fitness

The hard-working Nollywood actress Chika Ike has decided to skip one fitness training session in order to enjoy the “sweets” of life.

Chika Ike

The Nigerian beauty took to her Facebook page to post a series of photos of herself wearing a tight coral dress. The actress also pointed out that one of her major plans for the day was to buy an ice-cream, which she actually did.

Chika Ike

She captioned the last photo: “Ice cream always makes me smile…… I just had to indulge today!!!! Sorry fitness, I had to cheat on you with ice cream . we will continue our romance tomorrow.”

Chika Ike

Chika, with the fantastic body of hers, can definitely afford skipping the training without finding an excuse! Especially after she shared her workout pictures some time ago. 

Apart from keeping her body in perfect shape, Chika also improves her professional skills: the actress has recently graduated from the New York Film Academy where she majored in producing, directing and editing of movies.