Lagos Explosion: Experts, Witnesses Reveal What Truly Happened

Investigation has revealed that the blast near a major fuel depot in the Apapa district, Lagos was no industrial accident but a bomb attack which Nigerian authorities tried to cover up.

Lagos blast

Scene of Lagos blast

Photographs from the scene of the incident show a destroyed car plus damage to surrounding vehicles, which the British Army’s former head of bomb disposal said left no doubt as to the cause.

Speaking to AFP, Bob Seddon, an Iraq and Afghanistan veteran and a specialist in improvised explosive devices (IEDs) after viewing the images from the scene of the incident said, “This was definitely an incident involving the use of high explosives.

“The type of blast effects and fragmentation pattern you would get from a gas explosion are quite different.”

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Senior foreign diplomats also indicated privately that the blast was deliberate, while attributing the denials of officials to fears over the potential effects of a confirmed first attack on Lagos.

In a briefing note sent to foreign business and government clients, Political and security consultants Control Risks, which has an office in Lagos, said the Apapa blast was a bombing that killed at least four people. It’s senior West Africa analyst, Roddy Barclay in a separate interview said, “Drawing on eyewitness sources, Control Risks assesses that the incident was a militant attack rather than an industrial accident.”Read more

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