Kojo Bonsu laughs off calls for his resignation

The Mayor of Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly, Kojo Bonsu has laughed off a petition to President Mahama raising issues of misconduct against him as well as calls for his resignation.

For him, the petitioners are strenuously making mountain out of molehill because, the issues raised in their petitions are ‘petty and unnecessary’.

The seven petitioners, all assembly members, have accused the Metropolitan Chief Executive of disregarding decisions and resolutions of the general assembly and overstepping his powers.

He has also been cited for alleged acts of corruption and breach of the public procurement law.

Mr. Bonsu is also accused of diverting resources to implement projects other than what have been agreed as the best to improve the living condition of residents.

‘The MCE’s penchant for inflating unilaterally the figures of approved budget statements for specific projects and programmes coupled with his intemperate utterances and unguarded statements during public gatherings and at Assembly meetings, loaded with profane words are of grave concern to the image and the integrity of the Assembly which more often than not, have brought the Assembly into disrepute, public ridicule and scorn e g. describing Assembly members as jokers, idiots, mother fucker etc.’ the petition read in part.

Maxwell Ofosu Boakye, an Assembly Member at KMA, told Joy FM’s Super Morning Show, Mr. Bonsu keeps ‘showing gross disrespect’ to the assembly. Though he was given time to change his attitude towards them, things have rather grown from ‘bad to worse’, he intimated.

Relying on the power of the assembly members to ‘make or unmake’ Kojo Bonsu, Maxwell Boakye warned that if the Mayor fails to retrace his steps, they would be compelled to impeach him.

‘We will pass vote of no confidence on him without thinking twice about it,’ he stressed, adding Mr. Bonsu has shown that he lacks the competence to lead KMA.

But Mr. Kojo Bonu told the Super Morning Show the petitioners have no case as he vehemently denied allegations raised in the petition.

He suspects the allegations are coming up because he has refused to toe the line of impunity at the Assembly where members sell KMA lands, falsify assembly documents and do other ‘silly things’.

Insisting that right things are done at the assembly, he said the BNI has been invited to investigate misdeeds at the assembly which has further invoked the displeasure of corrupt members who are now bent on getting him out.

Mr. Kojo Bonsu says he welcomes forensic audit into his account as well as full scale independent investigations into issues raised in the petition.

‘When people are talking about proper development, people are fighting over public toilets, unnecessary petty projects I want Kumasi changed and have better things in Kumasi; so I won’t side with the petty and unnecessary things they are talking about. They are fighting over toilets, they say I should build toilet and I say look I am not the kind of Mayor who builds toilets any away.

‘All that I am trying to say is that, they are here, most of them are crooked and because they have been in the assembly for quite a long time, they are selling lands of KMA, black mailing people and collecting money from them and these are the issues that I am against. They want to be lord over me but they can’t achieve it,’ he maintained.

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