How Boko Haram Changed From A Peaceful Sect To A Dreaded Group

Abdulrahman Terab, a member of the House of Representatives from Borno State has claimed that the State Security Service (SSS) has full information on Boko Haram insurgency even before 2002 when the public got to know about.

Speaking to newsmen in Abuja yesterday, the lawmaker who said there was too much wrong information in circulating in the public disclosed that the Department of State Service (DSS) should be able to provide the accurate details of the sect before 2002.

He further recounted how Boko Haram transformed from a peaceful sect in 2002 to what is now the most dreaded and very deadly group.

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According to Daily Trust report, Terab said back in 2002, the sect launched in Kanamma, Yobe state where it was tagged as Taliban, not Boko Haram, adding that before then, most of its members were normal adherents of Islam who were youthful and have mobilised themselves mostly in what is currently Indimi mosque, Maiduguri.

They were going about their normal activities until the extreme views took centre stage and then launched an attack in Kanamma in 2002,” he said.

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