Confab New States – South Comes Out Victorious Against North

The Northern stance against the reshaping of the power configuration in the country was turned down yesterday by Justice Idris Kutigi.

The Northern delegates had come up against the Southern delegates in an attempt to reverse the positions adopted last week.

The delegates had last week agreed on the creation of new states and local governments as a way of balancing the benefits enjoyed by the North.

The Northern delegates had planned to yesterday repeal the conference’s position on the birth of new states.

It all began yesterday, immediately after the opening prayers when Alhaji Muhammad Maigari Dingyadi, representing Sokoto State objected and said the procedures were full of errors.

But as he gave his speech the Arena was filled with shout of “No, no,’ ‘name the page properly.’ With Dingyadi voice covered with the cries, some defiant Northern delegates threatened to walk out and cripple the conference if their wish was not adhered to.

They insisted that the Confab’s job was to state how new states should be made and not state where and which landmarks become a state.Read more

Sources: news, Vanguard