21-Year-Old Father’s Killer Narrates How It All Happened

Photo: Tolani Ajayai

It was previously reported that the 21-year-old stabbed his father, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, cut his throat with a machete and then hid his body in a box. 

A recent report by The Nation sheds light on new details of this story narrated to police by the suspect himself.

According to the young student, he did not plan the crime – “it was anger that led me into this”. Tolani explained that in the argument between him and the deceased the youngster got angry over his father constantly beating him with a stick and biting him with teeth.

“My father went to the kitchen and fetched a wooden spoon. He used it to beat me repeatedly and I tried to defend myself, then he bit me on my shoulder and I got angry. I used normal small kitchen knife, later, I used cutlass to attack him. I regret the action… I have sent some people to talk to my mother that I am sorry. I have talked to my sister, my mother is still grieving, I want to give her time. It may be spiritual, I have asked for forgiveness.”

Tolani also said he realizes he is to face the judgement for the committed crime. 

Expressing his regret and sorrow over the act, the young man insisted that the evil attack “is not about church” adding that he never missed the church visits and activities throughout the semester. 

“It is not about the church, but only God knows why.”

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