We have become a nation of pessimists – Prez Mahama

President John Dramani Mahama has asked Ghanaians to stop being pessimistic about the state of affairs and count their blessings instead.

‘Let us eschew pessimism, we must count our blessings and our successes and we must continuously ask God why are we so blessed; it is only with such a positive frame of mind that we can overcome any challenge facing us,” he said.

”We have become a nation of pessimists; every day we are bombarded with everything that is wrong with our nation, never with what we are doing right,” he added.

According to President Mahama, this attitude creates a psyche that believes that Ghana is consigned to poverty and misery. ” this cannot be the case; this cannot be true, we have made modest but significant success. We must celebrate these successes in other that we may be encouraged to achieve more,” he said.

He was speaking at the 2014 National Prayer and Thanksgiving Service in Accra on Sunday. He used the occasion to call on Ghanaians to unite and work together and count their blessings.

The President also noted that Ghanaians lacked the ”singleness of purpose, unity of mind and oneness of our hearts.”

He stated that if Ghanaians became united, “We can make things better for ourselves and children. We can do this only if we believe in ourselves, we can do this if we believe in our nation, we can do this only if we work together, we can do this only if we see ourselves as partners in the progress of our nation,” he added.

President Mahama further stated that building a better and creative Ghana was the responsibility of all Ghanaians. ”No matter what you do, no matter your occupation, it is the little efforts of all of us Ghanaians that aggregates into the prosperity that we enjoy,” he noted.

Delivering the sermon, Metropolitan Archbishop of Accra, Rev. Charles Palmer-Buckle urged President John Mahama to listen to the voice God and lead the government to seek the will of God.

He said even though President Mahama heard too many voices which made it difficult for him to hear the voice of God, he should always seek the voice of God when taking decisions.

”What He (God) asks of you Sir is that you listen to Him (God). What He asks of you and with the government is that you lead us to seek the face of God in everything; what He asks of us is that you lead the government to seek the will of God at all times,” he said.

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