Grand Sales 2014 Will Promote Made In Ghana Goods—Dr E. E. Okpoti Koney

Dr Erasmus Ebenezer Okpoti Koney, Ag CEO, Ghana Trade Fair Company Ltd.

Dr Erasmus Ebenezer Okpoti Koney, Ag CEO, Ghana Trade Fair Company Ltd.

The Acting Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana Trade Fair Company Centre (GTFC), Dr Erasmus Ebenezer Okpoti Koney has stated the company`s preparedness to use the upcoming Grand Sales 2014 to the promotion of made in Ghana goods and services to the international community.

As a result, the annual trade exhibition of goods and services he said has been rebranded into what is now the “Grand Sales 2014 Co-Locating with Made-in-Ghana Fair” to give prominence to the exhibition, sale and purchase of home-made goods and services in line with the President`s vision of promoting the culture of the patronage and consumption of locally made goods and services to improve the economy.

Speaking to The Insight in an exclusive interview, Dr Okpoti disclosed that the Mobile Pavilion within the Trade Fair Centre would be exclusively dedicated to made in Ghana goods and services to create the necessary impact.

According him the marketing department of the GTFC is working in collaboration with industry players who would patronize the Grand sales to offer patrons the opportunity to buy goods and services during the Co-locating Grand Sales 2014 with Made in Ghana Fair at reduce prices to encourage patronage.

It would also provide exhibitors, sales agents and companies especially the local Ghanaian businesses the opportunity to showcase to the rest of the world what they have to offer.

It would offer them the platform to network and interact with other businesses in other jurisdictions in the world for further and future business opportunities.

The ten (10) regions of Ghana would also have the opportunity to exhibit their various cultural heritage and artifacts with the objective of projecting the country to the international community.

Dr Okpoti said that the made in Ghana Fair would promote value addiction of locally made products to attract local and international patronage.

He urged individuals and businesses to take advantage of the grand sales to exhibit and sell their products and services for maximum returns.

The Grand Sales 2014 Co-locates with Made in Ghana Fair is scheduled to take place between September 25th and October 5th, 2014 at Pavilion “B” and Mobile Pavilion of the GTFC in Accra.

In a related development, the company has held an event dubbed “Time With Industry Players” to appreciate their immense contributions over years.

The event brought together donors and partners who have contributed significantly in the past and are still playing lead roles in the company`s rebranding process to become relevant in today’s competitive business environment.

Awards were presented to the various sponsors especially sponsors of the upcoming Grand Sales 2014 Co-locates with Made in Ghana Fair.

Dr Erasmus Ebenezer Okpoti Koney, Ag CEO, Ghana Trade Fair Company Ltd.
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