Ghana Is Adrift….Mahama Is Taking Us Back To The 80s—Apraku

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Media and Fellow Ghanaians, I have just filed my nomination papers to contest in the NPP primaries, and eventually, for the presidency of our country. While I am humbled and deeply worried by the numerous intractable and pressing problems facing our nation today, I am equally confident of our nation’s future prospects.

The NDC and President Mahama’s government have successfully bankrupted our economy and taken our nation back to the era of the 1980s. Today, our country is adrift with no sense of direction or strategy to reverse the downward slide into oblivion.

Non like then, the daily depreciation of the Cedi has been accepted as the norm. The massive and wholesale unemployment of our people, especially the youth is considered as inevitable. The twin macroeconomic evils of high inflation and the massive unemployment of our people, especially the youth, with its attendant high interest are considered inevitable and acceptable, because they are supposed to be global phenomenon. Yet the NDC ignores the fact our next door neighbor, the Cote D’iviore has risen from the ashes of a devastated civil war and is making significant progress under the same global economic environment.

These macroeconomic ills augmented by the lowering of our credit ratings, diminishing external reserves and growing indebtedness have conspired to destroy our domestic industry, reduced our global competitiveness, and our export volumes and revenues. The excessive corruption and wasteful expenditures, gross incompetence, mediocrity, ineffective and indecisive leadership, compounded by unreliable supplies of electricity and water, have rendered our nation unattractive to investors – both foreign and domestic. This must change and it would under my leadership.

The problem of the NDC government is not that it doesn’t understand the problems we face, the problem is that it lacks the capacity, the decisiveness, the political will and the strength of leadership to implement the numerous suggestions and recommendations that have been proffered by the World Bank, the international monetary Fund (IMF), the Senchi Forum, and several individuals and organizations within and outside our country.

Ghanaians have not just had enough of NDC’s poor performance, they have learned their lessons. And NDC must go in 2016. It is now obvious that the NDC can’t do it even if we give them two decades.

Indeed, the silly joke doing the rounds in our country today is that, ‘the NDC knows how to win election but not how to govern. The NPP on the other hand, knows how to govern but not how to win elections’.

Well, Well, ladies and Gentlemen, let the word go out to all corners of our country, to our friends and foes alike, that the NPP knows how to win election and is ready to come back to power to restore growth, create employment for our people and rebuild and expand our physical and economic infrastructure. We are ready to expand our energy and water supply, continue to mechanize our agriculture and provide incentives and support to the cocoa sector, the business community, especially, the export sector, and above all, manage our national resources, especially our oil revenues, with greater transparency and accountability.

NPP under my leadership will dismantle what some people have referred to as the NDC winning machine and ensure that the vote of every citizen is properly credited during election.

Under my leadership the Party shall meticulously select and comprehensively train all our polling station agents, instilling in them a sense of ownership of the Party to encourage them to properly and effectively manage our polling stations.

Ladies and gentlemen, my campaign message of economic transformation and inclusive growth will galvanize all Ghanaians, especially the poor and the floating voters, to have more confidence and faith in the NPP and vote for us.

My only motivation for being in this contest is my strong belief that I can win power for the NPP in 2016 and manage the affairs of our country with a great deal of competence, experience, enlightened and visionary leadership. I intend to take the Party to victory in 2016.

The NPP shall win the 2016 election because I will work hard to unify our Party and build formidable electoral machinery that shall overcome the NDC’s election winning machine.

We will win the next election because I will avoid the campaign of insults and acrimony and engage my colleagues with civility, tolerance, and compete on the basis of ideas and visions.

We will win because I will project a positive image for our Party and rebrand refocus, and re-strategize for our party to become more attractive to all Ghanaians, especially the floating voters and voters in communities where we have done poorly in the past such the Volta region, the Zongos, and the three Northern regions of Ghana.

Ladies and Gentlemen, NPP does not have any option but to win the next election because most Ghanaians expect nothing less from us.

Ladies and Gentlemen as my campaign slogan states, for the NPP: IT IS TIME TO WIN.


God bless Ghana

God Bless the NPP

God Bless US all

Thank you….

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