Enough Of The Promises, We Want Action -Trainee Nurses To Govt

Members of the Nurses and Midwives Trainees’ Association Monday morning converged at the Obra Spot in Accra to demonstrate over delays in the payment of their allowances.

According to the group, they are fed up with government’s verbal assurances that the allowances owed them since 2012 would be paid.

Expressing their frustration on  Peace FM , the National President of the group, Emmanuel Geyevo said, ‘We are fed up with noxious reassurances. Government is not being fair to us at all. Where are we going as a nation? We are fed up with the assurances; in fact students are allergic to the assurances. We won’t take any of it again. We want action, not assurances’.

He explained that the Association had on countless occasions met with government officials to come to an agreement on how and when their allowances would be paid them but the former had failed to meet their demands.

It is for that reason that Mr Geyevo said the Nurses and Midwives Trainees’ Association had decided to lay down their tools effective Monday, July 7 as well as protest to draw government’s attention to their frustrations.

‘Government has been promising us for a long time. They tell us not to worry and that they will pay us since 2012. Government has signed a contract with trainee nurses that I will foot the bill of your training so you also serve the country but government has not given us even a single cedi. We have made a lot of follow ups and petitions through the ministry for a solution to the problem but government is only giving us noxious verbal assurances. We are very frustrated,’ he stated.

Credit: Daily Graphic.com.gh

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