Disgraceful: Policeman Assaults Pregnant Woman

A Youtube clip has angered Nigerians, In the clip it shows a horrid situation in which an Officer of the law was assaulting a pregnant woman in the bus.

Pregnant woman harrassed by officer and oby

The officer identified as Arthur Okeke was caught in a mobile phone recording harassing one Mrs. Rasheedat Oyelowo Abdulmajeed.

The victim later told journalists in Lagos the police man slapped her and took her scarf during the hassle, she said his conduct was very embarrassing.

Cellphone camera captures portions of the attack by the man in uniform.

She explained that the problem started when the policeman sitting behind her rested his arm behind her seat. And then he orderred the heavily pregnant woman to raise her back from the seat so that he could proper rest his (officer) arms.

She then told the man that she was entitled to rest her back and went on to make him know she was pregnant, but this infuriated the man and he began harrassing her for refusing to acknowledge his command.

Reacting to the incidence in Lagos, female activist and president of Women Arise, Dr. Joe Oke-Odumakin who received the victim in her office on Friday, called on the Police Inspector General, Mr. Ibrahim Mohammed to take on the erring officer for disciplinary action.

Okei-Odumakin warned that the spate of police indiscriminate molestation of citizens is on the increase and moreso, unacceptable. “I trust the IG of police that he will take action on this and bring Arthur Okeke to book. But failure to do this, we will mobilize all pregnant Women and protest police brutality on the street for the sake of Mrs. Rasheedat”, she said. 

Meanwhile, the Police Force has not said anything about disgraceful conduct of the officer, despite many communications to it about the incidence.

Video below

Sources: Naij.com news

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