Aftermath of police shooting in Maamobi; Angry youth destroys vehicles, vandalises restaurant

Some youth in Nima Saturday night vandalized the Marwako restaurant around Maamobi and set some vehicles ablaze after a taxi driver was shot by a policeman.

Joy News’ George Wiafe, who visited the scene of the incident, reported that when he got there, he noticed the area had been cordoned off and the glass windows of the Marwako restaurant broken. A van and other properties had been burnt.

Managing Editor of the Al Hajj newspaper , Alhaji Bature narrated to Joy News that, ‘Last night, we saw a policeman being carried away as if the crowd wanted to lynch him apparently it is alleged he shot someone about 400 metres away from here (the restaurant) and they were trying to lynch him,’ and a good samaritan managed to save him.

Some people decided to shelter the police officer in the restaurant. ‘When the police came eventually and they whisked the police officer away, the people got infuriated and another police patrol team came, started firing warning shots and that even angered them more so, they attacked the police,’ who later fleed.

According to Alhaji Bature, the youth vandalised his two cars – a Toyota Land Cruiser and Toyota RAV 4, and also burnt some vehicles belonging to the restaurant.

Asked what might have infuriated the youth, he said ‘what infuriated them is that we gave shelter to the police officer they alleged shot and killed somebody meanwhile the person was not dead.’

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