Powerful Herbalist Publicly Abandons ‘Ogboni’ Fraternity For Jesus Christ

A powerful herbalist also an ‘Ogboni’ cult ruler, Sunday Boboye in Akure North Local Government Area of Ondo State who publicly renounced the fraternity after 10 years and has now accepted Jesus Christ revealed how he used satanic powers to destroy so many lives.

Sunday Boboye who said he he had committed terrible sins with the dark powers the ancestral gods he served gave him opens up to Daily Sun about his journey into the occultic group and his conversion to Christ.

The former Ogboni chief who rose to the rank of Egan Oke (meaning an elder in the Ogboni fraternity) denounced his membership and burnt all the traditional deities he had served when he was an herbalist said:

“I am the traditional head of Ode community. I give glory to God for saving me and making me to be alive today.  The lord Jesus has arrested me and saved from evil association with Satan. I was an herbalist, a powerful one for that matter. And I am well known in Ondo State.

But today, God has taken me out of the darkness”. Boboye declared while denouncing his old association before his people who trooped out to see their once dreaded occult grand master and leader now wining and dining with Christians.

“Many people in Ode are surprised to see me with members of the Lord’s Chosen church and other Christians today and even wearing this apron, because they know who I was. They know about the tremendous power I wielded as grandmaster in occult kingdom.Read more

Sources: Daily Sun Newspaper, Naij.com news

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