Lagos Vs Hijab: Court To Decide Soon

A Lagos State high court in Ikeja has fixed September 26 as judgement day over the case filed by the Muslim Student Association of Nigeria against the Lagos State Government regarding the use of Hijabs by female students.

Lagos state had months ago banned the use from all their public secondary schools and Counsel to the students, Mr Gani Adetola-Kaseem told the court that wearing the Hijab will prevent males from getting romantic urges in the school and outside.

The lawyer also went on saying and demanding that all Muslim women who have attained puberty should wear the Hijab.

He also said that by Islamic definition Womanhood is determined not by biological age or marriage but by the time a person has attained the age of puberty. This age he says varies between individual.

He then appealed to the court to grant their application as the Lagos State Government’s ban violates the religious rights of the applicants.

Representing the Lagos State Government, Mr Lawal Pedro argued that all students in public primary and secondary schools should wear their identical uniform so as to differentiate them  from other schools in the region and encourage a feeling of unity among the young students.

The case was filed by two young girls who were encouraged by their father.

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