‘Why We Are Yet To Storm Sambisa Forest’ – Defence Headquarters Reveals

The Defence Headquarters has said they have not rescued the missing Chibok girls from Sambisa Forest because they are trying to get them out alive, without causing harm to them.

Major General Olukolade

Major General Chris Olukolade

Speaking yesterday, July 3 with Leadership in Abuja, the director of information at the Defence Headquarters, Major General Chris Olukolade said they are working to get the girls back alive in the best way possible.

To the best of our knowledge, they are still accessible. If we tried to force our way in, they may be killed. If we force our way there, they will kill them. This is what we want to avoid at all cost; rescue operations of that nature should not be done in a hurry. Sambisa (forest) is not impenetrable. But let me say it here: they mined almost everywhere around where they are keeping these girls,” he said.

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He explained that some elements were trying to politicise the operation of the Military but they would not e drawn into politics.

Speaking about the N130 billion given to the military as part of funding for counter-insurgency operation, Olukolade said not the whole amount of some amount were for salaries of privates and officers, including their pension, adding that if Nigerians knew the details of how the money was being spent, they would commend the military for being prudent.Read more

Sources: Leadership, Naij.com news

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