The Truth On Sex Sage Stories In The Sissala East District Is Gradually Confirmed

The Global Reporter to some extent is happy with the efforts being made to investigate the sex sage in the two main Senior High Schools in Sissala East District. The Global Reporter hope, the will not be any bias in the committee report.

It is my fervent hope that, the committee will not be bias in its report. When the Global Reporter initially unearthed the sexual harassment of the female students in the two Senior High Schools by the staff in the district many were shocked at the sexual agony some student girls were made to go through daily.

The Global Reporter wish to put on records that, I have been reliably informed that the committee formed by Kanton Senior School to ascertain the veracity of the sex scandal have started a shadow investigation into the matter to cover up the perpetrators. As a Global Reporter, my ear and eyes are on the group. Please be forewarned and dispatch your terms of reference impartially. Though I will not be entrusted with the report of the committee as it will be giving to the District Director of GES, I only hope and pray that the committee will report the truth and nothing but the truth. There should be no massaging what so ever on the evidence that will be adduced.

Notwithstanding the shadow nature with which the committee has started its work, I wish to urge them to report exactly what Mr. Dramani the Integrated Science master said before he apologised and showed remorse by pleading for leniency. The report must also Include what others gave as their side of the pathetic sex sage since I’m privileged to have all these information.

The Global Reporter is also aware that some of the students invited by the committee admitted to the allegations and even mentioned more names which I couldn’t capture in the first report. Again it’s crystal clear that most of the moral upright tutors admitted to all the allegations against their immoral colleague teachers and indicated that some of the key allegations were too glaring to be denied. The Global Reporter will as well do thorough investigation about the committee set up to investigate the sex sage.

The Global Reporter will do same to Tumu Senior High Technical School on their part of the allegations. The Global Reporter can confirmed that, on the peak of events on 2nd July, 2014 one of the upright moral Teacher Bawa Peter nearly fought with one of the immoral Teacher Muftau Fasasi because of this sex scandal.

The Global Reporter will be in doubt with the committee final report, if some of the authentic information I have gathered in my undercover investigation aren’t found in it. I wish to further assure the general public that I will like to conduct serial of investigation in the district and count on the general public for their cooperation to unearth the massive rots in all departments in the district.

The Global Reporter will like to draw the attention of the public that, the sexual harassment of the student girls are not only restricted to the SHS but also occurring at the basic level. In fact, the situation in the Basic schools is a cankerous rot. The Global Reporter wish to alert the headteachers and some of the teachers in the Basic Schools in the Sissala East District they can run but can never hide.

The Basic Schools precarious and promiscuous sexual harassment being persecuted by so called head teachers and teachers which prematurely terminate the girl-child education at the basic level. The Global Reporter assure the general public that, after a diligent and accurate investigation the report will be made known.

Interestingly, the Global Reporter can confidently confirm that, with the preliminary report the following Basic Schools Headteachers are in the list, Challu JHS, Nabugubelle JHS, Kuoroboi JHS, Bujah JHS, Bendi JHS, Jijenu JHS, Sakai JHS, Tarsor/Kulifuo Basic, Nabulo both Schools and Nwanduanu JHS. Some of the basic pupils who spoke to the Global Reporter on condition of anonymity stated that the slogan of their teachers is ”catch them young and have numerous sexual encounters with them and they shall be yours forever”. Their names shall be given in the final report.

The Global Reporter will solely rely on external investigative bodies report because the internal committee can be compromised. However, please any committee formed should invite the general public through the mass media to come out and volunteer information.

Please the various committees in charge of the public deserves better.

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