The Return Of Slim Busterr

Slim Busterr

Slim Busterr

Slim Busterr
Slim Busterr, one of Ghana’s finest artistes whose music has gone down well with music lovers in Ghana and beyond, has promised of reliving his name after his long absence from the music industry.

Slim, who looked determined, and is currently working on his new album and videos disclosed that preparations are far advanced for the release of three singles on his new album and videos in December this year.

He promised that the year 2014 is a journey of no return, adding, ‘I have already dropped one of the singles titled ‘Ampe’ which is making waves on the scene. I have decided to release four singles for my fans before the launch of my new album. I have starved my fans for a long time. I know my fans have waited for me for long, so I just want to surprise them with three singles and videos.’

Slim, who has performed alongside a number of seasoned music icons added, ‘The lyrics in the songs were carefully chosen in order to communicate to everybody, and all the songs have high soul-touching themes.’

Slim’s blend of music style is with the intention to create a setting for a fantastic interactive communication between his fans and himself.

He has a story to tell through his music, and he is not just a singer but a musical entertainer. When he is on the stage, he can become whoever the crowd wants him to be. There is nothing or no one out there that would be able to stop him from being the multi-talented music icon he wants to be.

By George Clifford Owusu

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