Retirees Salute Bunkpurugu/Yunyoo District Assembly

Retirees from the Bunkpurugu/Yunyoo District of the Northern Region on Tuesday 1stof July, 2014 saluted the District Assembly for the warm reception given them during the 54th Republic Day Cerebration at the Assembly Hall.

Hon John Laar Nurokinan (A retired Medical Assistant, who doubles as one time MP for the Bunkp/Yunyoo Const, also the Executive Director of Rabito Clinic) and Hon Wuni Zakaria (A retired Educationist and former Head Master of Bunkp Business Secondary School-BUST and as well the Chief of Mozio and Government Appointee were the two who received awards from the District Assembly. Both awardees, found the day very significant in their lives for the Assembly recognizing them.

During share of experience in service and advises, Mr. Daniel Konlanbik a retired educationist, thanked the District Assembly for recognizing that, they exist in the society, he used the platform to advised his colleagues to engage in daily exercise, he said ‘every morning when you wake up, pray and take a walk for close to 400 meters away from house and stay away from taking alcohol, this amongst other things would help you to live long’.

Another retired educationist from Najong No1 community, Mr. S.K Laarison, called on the Assembly to consider engaging in some office activities. According to him, most of them retired from very significant and technical areas where the Assembly in one way or the other would need support. I retired as Assistant Director Finance and economic planning, at any time am called upon by the Assembly; I would feel honored and work for results. Laarison added.

Most of the retirees who devoted their time and energy during their active service in their field of study wanted the Assembly to prioritized those areas, Mr. Daniel Lambon Fant, a retired Medical Assistant from Nakpanduri, talked about the formation of Red Cross Society, which he willing and ready to assist . This would help a lot in the delivery of health service in the District. Mr. Fant added.

Other Retirees spoke about, the culture of Bimobas, Konkombas and mamprusis, as well as sports being neglected in the district, they appeal to the district assembly to consider rebuilding these significant areas.

The District Coordinating Director Mr. James T. Moari said, the Assembly wished to had awarded every retiree for the overwhelming contributions you have all made towards the development of the District. He expressed that, the Assembly is finally inefficient to individually award you, but the little way we can do for you to appreciate is what we have organized today. We have varieties of meals, drinks and chewables for all of us to dine together as a family. Mr. James T. Maori who has just been transferred into the district took the chance to introduce himself as the new Coordinating director and Madam Hajia Adama as the new Finance officer to the district.

Hon Philip N. Laari, DCE for the Bunkpurugu/Yunyoo District in his address, thanked the retirees for honoring the invitation. I am glad that, most of you are still willing to work /share your wisdom. Let me state that, I have been a Red Cross member and therefore wish that, we together rise and form one in this district. As indicated by my own brother Mr. Lambon Fant, my office is widely opened for you to come and we begin the process.

The DCE however appealed to the Senior Citizens for the Assemblies inability to put much on the table for this significant occasion. According to him, the Assembly wished to have brought every retiree across the boundaries of the District and give award to all but, the financial strength of the Assembly is not feasible.

As a Senior Citizen, I know what all of us have contributed to Ghana’s growth and therefore appreciation should be given us for the role played. This is just the beginning of this very important event in the district, once there is life we would work towards expanding the number of awardees. DCE noted.

The 54th Republic Day Cerebration brought together, Chiefs, Opinion Leaders, Queen Mothers, Department Heads, and the media.

It was lovely and entertaining as senior citizens dance to old school music with their plates and hands full of chopables.

Unfortunately, out of the numerous senior citizens who poured out for the event, only Madam Dabir Kankwah, a retired educationist from Bimbagu was the female retiree. Women, Ladies and Girls in this part of the region have poor participation in education and other societal activities. What is the problem?

Mr. Lawrence Kutuah, a retired but very active educationist and former best farmer both in the district and regional level was the chairman of the occasion.

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