PHOTOS: Mourning Traders And Our ‘On Your Own’ Government

If there is any justice in this country and the government is really looking out for it’s people, how then do you explain the pitiful state of some vital structures of our dear Nigeria, just like the sorry state of the roads leading to Alaba International Market in Lagos?

Despite the huge revenue generated by the government from this market alone, the state of the road is a shocker.

The situation is even more devastating whenever there is a downpour. Shops are swallowed, containers fall, and the road becomes totally inaccessible for hours, thus business pack up. Traders are left mourning their loss and wondering when the nightmare would end.

Ironically, this road is surrounded by government presence. While the Standard Organization of Nigeria pass through this road to seal shops and warehouses at the market, an office of the Lagos State Revenue Board is along the road, the Local Government Chairman’s office is just a stone throw away, while the Chairman of the market strolls pass the road everyday to his office.

If we are to make a summary of things, it’s pretty much clear that the situation screams ‘on your own’ at us, because there seem to be no other way to explain these horrible situations.

– By Ezeh Emmanuel

Sources: news

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