Lagos APC Youth Leader Condemns Attack On BRT Buses By Nigerian Army In Lagos

The Lagos APC Youth leader Mr. Omotayo Sanyaolu condemned today’s havoc on BRT buses caused by Nigerian Soldiers on Ikorodu Road, Lagos.


It was reported today that the Nigerian soldiers went bersek and took to the streets to burn over 5 BRT buses after one of their colleagues was killed by one of the brt buses.

The APC Youth leader in a statement said: “The destruction of state-owned property by men and women, who ought to be prepared to die while safeguarding our collective existence,  is incomprehensible. This has again raised salient questions begging to be answered; who is the Nigerian’s military serving? Do they represent the interest of the Nigeria people or a certain section? Is the Nigerian Army serving the interest of those who are bent on ‘capturing’ Lagos come 2015?”

“It’s day 81 today that our sisters have been kidnapped from Chibok, yet there is no hope of bringing them back alive. If men of the Nigerian Army feel the urge to unleash violence, their services is urgently needed in Sambisa forest where members of the Boko Haram terrorists are hiding.

“As much as the Youth in Lagos understand the angst of the soldiers whose colleague was alleged to have been knocked down by a BRT driver, we disagree that the incident excuses the mayhem that followed. The impunity with which those buses were burnt and others ruthlessly vandalised cannot be justified. There are procedures to be followed. In such a case as this, the RULE OF LAW requires that the driver be handed over to the civilian authority for prosecution in a civilian court.Read more

Sources: news, Sahara Reporters

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