Deal with appointees who misapply resources – AFAG to govt

The Alliance for Accountable Governance (AFAG) has urged the government to deal mercilessly with appointees misapplying state resources in order to bring the economy back on its feet.

Ghanaians, according to AFAG, are currently living in a state of hopelessness because of some greedy National Democratic Congress (NDC) men and women and the  hijack of governance by party apparatchiks.

Addressing a press conference in Accra last Wednesday,  Dr Nana Ayew Afriyie, a member of AFAG, said in the midst of the current precarious economic situation, the continuous stay in office by the President of the Republic of Ghana was untenable.

He said the inability of the President to absolve himself from various corruption charges levelled against him had led to the moral break-down under his governance and indeed, it was obvious that the President had been overwhelmed by the high tide of corruption rocking his government.

Additionally, he said the failed administration under their tenure had supervised very expensive and highly inflated cost of contracts, inefficiencies in government operations and the unconscionable misuse and abuse of state resources. 

According to him, the President  did not heed AFAG’s advice in 2012 and so, ‘our demonstrations have become necessary because we can’t sit  aloof and just watch the wanton dissipation of our scarce financial resources as this continues to weaken our state institutions”.

Dr Afriyie said only a handful of government appointees could boast of clean hands but it was sad the crave for public resources by some  merciless government appointees had sent the majority of Ghanaians  into hardship. 

He challenged the President and the NDC to provide explanation for two important allegations which had become the bedrock of abuse and misuse of state resources:

He said it was still unclear how an Umbraer jet which was meant to cost $28.5 million was purchased at an astonishing sum of $88million after John Mahama-led negotiations.

Dr Afriyie said the configuration of the airplane included an extra fuel tank which cost  $8 million; air staircase which also cost $1 million and  an in-flight entertainment which cost $1.4 million.

He said it was, however, ridiculous to think that $17 million was earmarked to build a hangar to house the airplane.

‘Mr President, your inability to purge yourself of this vicious allegations, just to name a few has probably broken down the so-called moral high ground set by your party founder,’  he stated.

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