Armed Gang Attack Akwa Ibom Community, Take Valuable Things & Wound Dozens

Photo - Robbers attack Akwa Ibom community, wound dozens

One of the burgled rooms

A gang of robbers broke into houses of Goodland Estate residents at Asikpo Street, Off Atiku Abubakar Road, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, on Wednesday, wounded dozens of people and took valuable things.

According to the residents, nobody was killed in the raid, however, the robbers injured a lot of people and damaged their property.

The armed robbers came into the estate at about 1:00am carrying all sorts of implements like daggers, hammers and many others.

A security guard in one of the affected houses, Mr. Kingsley Udofia, said he was sitting inside the gate house when he heard someone jump into the compound.

According to him, the robbers forced the gate open by breaking the padlocks and asked him to surrender any weapon that was in his possession.

He said: “The robbers who were almost 30 in number asked me to lie face down. They broke my boss’s Honda SUV glasses as they thought money was in the vehicle.

“The robbers, however, made away with plasma TVs, DSTV cables, mobile phones, stereo players and the little cash they could get. I lost my two mobile phones in the incident.”Read more

Sources: news, Punch Nigeria

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