Actress Genevieve Nnaji Denies Calling Nollywood Bland & Mediocre

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Actress Genevieve Nnaji denied calling Nollywood bland and mediocre.

Recently, Nollywood icon in an interview with Punch revealed why she has been absent from the big screen. The actress stated that she can’t return to the blandness and mediocrity that characterized Nollywood in the past.

After this interview, Genevieve Nnaji received lots of negative responses.

However, the actress took to her Instagram page to defend herself:

“I never called my industry bland and mediocre. Truth or not, they were NOT MY WORDS. As a person/writer, you can “assume” what you like about my thought process but DO not project those thoughts as “quotes” by me.

“It’s distasteful, insensitive and quite unprofessional. It’s insulting to those limited few working hard to make a difference in the industry. I am a product of Nollywood and my loyalty remains unshaken.”

Sources: news, Pulse

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