The Next Talent To Watch Out For In Ghana Showbiz— KOJ



The entertainment industry is blessed to have certain prominent people who have contributed immensely to the well resilient nature of it. Inevitably, certain broadcasters who are owned and controlled by some high profiled personnel are also choked in the industry and cannot call a spade a spade in relation to their work especially when the story is about someone they in one way or the other work for.

One man who has emanated from nowhere and has begun contributing enormously to the showbiz industry of Ghana is no one else but Kwame Okyere Jnr Popularly known as KOJ, the host of 2 Degrees Entertainment Show which airs on Pink 96.9 fm each and every Saturday evening from 7pm-9pm, the show has taken to greater heights and has kept its listenership ever ready and dying to hear more as it has wet their appetite.

In early April this year, the show was ranked as the fourth best radio entertainment show in Accra by one investigative journalist called samat and posted it on Friends of the Media page on facebook, an established body purposely in existence to constructively criticize and keep the media on its toes and also hail broadcasters/media when their work steers in the right direction.

Industrious KOJ has always and continues to keep his pace at the front in broadcasting. Currently in the month of June he had the president of the Music Council of Ghana, Ekow Micah showering praises at his clinical manner of analyzing and making constructive criticisms in the manor of Ghana showbiz.

His exceptional demeanor of always going the extra mile in obtaining credible pieces of information has really defined him as an ace in broadcasting albeit he is young. Honesty is also an imperative hallmark you can never take away from him. He is characterized as a candid person in nature. He would do whatever it takes; go beyond every limit – boundaries and lengths in telling the other side of the story, the reality on the ground, the hard truth you know nothing about.

This is the quality every broadcaster ought to possess and scrutinizing his works, you will find out he possess that quality. It came not as a surprise when the president of MUSIGA, Obour, made a hilarious but critical statement in asking where he gets his facts – his credible pieces of information which is always on point.

At the time when certain bodies, the media and the public demanded accountability in lieu to the 2 million Ghana Cedis issued out to MUSIGA by government and how that money was spent, KOJ’s life was threatened. He was asked to desist from talking about the issue.

But this never stopped him in continuing to do the good work he does on air anytime he sat next to the microphone in the studio. In an interview with a Zone Three 6 Publicist, Manuel King, he said ‘this even denotes that I’m doing a great job, that I hold and educate the public with credible pieces of information anytime I’m on air. I’ll continue to do my work as a professional broadcaster and will still stand in for the truth anytime, anywhere, any day when the need arises.’

KOJ, 24 is certainly the next talent to watch out for in Ghana Showbiz and multiples of his nature will verily find the entertainment industry on a higher level of pedestal because people like him will always make constructive criticisms to make sure things are put right and seriously I won’t be surprised if he gets a nomination and a pick up the best entertainment show host award this year.

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