Nigeria Football Federation: "Keshi Can Go If He So Wishes"

The vice president of the Nigerian Football Federation Mike Umeh has said that Eagles coach Stephen Keshi can resign if he so wishes.

According to a report by, Umeh made the statement amidst rumours that the former Nigerian international wants to resign from his position as the head coach of eagles after Nigeria was eliminated by France.

“We cannot stop Keshi from moving if he wants to. He is a grown man and knows what is good for him. If he so desires a greener pasture, then we can’t stop him, it’s up to him to decide,” NFF Vice President Umeh said. “It’ll not be fair to say we haven’t supported Keshi. We have given him tremendous support, more than anyone could imagine. So the thought that he hasn’t been adequately supported isn’t true.”

“I’m sure a new coach will come in immediately Keshi’s departure is finalized, so that shouldn’t be a problem,”

Stephen Kesh has been complaining of lack of support from the NFF since taking over the eagles as head coach. He has since won the nations cup and also led the team to the 1/16th stage of the ongoing 2014 world cup in Brazil.