Mary Ghansah Endorses Contemporary Gospel Music

One of Ghana’s veteran gospel minstrels, Mary Ghansah, who has been in the music industry for forty years now, has endorsed the contemporary trend of gospel music which over the years has gained prominence.

According to Mary Ghansah who has over 20 albums to her credit, music is dynamic and each generation comes with its ways of doing things.

“God has a way or a plan to appeal to the youth or the people of a particular generation. In my time you could hardly see a keyboard. You would only see an organ in churches. You hardly found a set of musical instrument or hard music but thank God, these days all these are available and gospels musicians can experience with music to serve the new generation. Once the message is the same, it is a good thing,” Mary Ghansah noted.

When she was asked if she would agree with people who say contemporary gospel songs are not spiritual but just for fashion, she said: “No, I don’t agree with them. Even in my days when I played ‘Enka Enkyiri in reggae, I was crucified because people didn’t understand why I would compose a song with a hard reggae beat, saying Mary had backslided but I said hey the devil himself hasn’t got anything. Whatever the devil had was given to him by God and he ran away with it.

Those singing the contemporary gospel have not backslided. Maybe it is the message and how they present themselves that raises questions. I remember in our days when I was in Sweden, I was given jeans to wear and perform because of the cold weather conditions but I insisted I would perform with my ‘kaba and slit’” she added.

Mary Ghansah who is currently promoting her latest twelve track album title ‘Aseda’ added that Life is a cycle and God has a time for everything. The Bible says that everyone looks up to God. “We are all in the queue, we had our era and now it’s the era of other people. It doesn’t mean we are out of the competition. I think it’s a complement that people are adding up to what we have done. I thank God for that,” Mary Ghansah concluded.