Man Dumps His Physically Challenged Nephew At Refuse Heap

A physically challenged man identified as Danjuma who was found at a refuse site said his uncle allegedly dumped him there.

According to the Nation, the 25-year-old Danjuma is the only child of his deceased mother who happened to be a former staff of Nigeria Telecommunication and apparently no family member knows his father’s whereabouts.

It was gathered that Danjuma’s deceased left money for her son’s well-being but unfortunately family members kept the money to themselves rather than spend it on him.

According to the Nation the refuse heap where Danjuma was dumped is high that the journalists were forced to shout in order to talk to him.

Meanwhile it was reported that the young man demanded for a plate of rice and stew and the wheel chair used by Danjuma was at the refuse heap.

Neighbors, however, said he was taken up the refuse heap by the uncle after he was left in the rain and sun for many weeks while saying the uncle had threatened to deal with anybody that gives Danjuma food.

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