Jocelyn Dumas & Sandra Ankobiah In Petty ‘Fight’

In the world of show business, there always exist issues of in-fighting, bickering, back-biting, gossip, hatred and envy amongst the main players especially the female entertainers.

Over the years, there have been reports of rift between female Ghanaian celebrities including the documented squabbles between Jackie Appiah and Nadia Buari, Yvonne Nelson and Jackie Appiah as well as reported fall-out between the likes of Jocelyn Dumas and Yvonne Okoro and of course, the famous wrangle between ‘frenemies’ Sandra Ankobiah and Yvonne Nelson.

Razz Newspapers has uncovered yet another possible ‘bad blood’ that is brewing between two popular Ghanaian female celebrities, Sandra Ankobiah and Jocelyn Dumas. The two are said to be not the best of friends and have not been speaking highly of each other.

Their show of contempt for each other came to light when they presented themselves as invited guests at the recently-held private wedding of Uche Ofodile and Captain Planet of Hiplife group, 4X4.

According to reliable sources that were present at the ceremony, Sandra was seated at one of the tables during the reception with other prominent guests while Jocelyn was also seated with other guests on another table.

Observers did not know what might have triggered the outburst, but a visibly agitated Sandra was said to have told the other people on her table how Jocelyn sees highly of herself, is ‘too-known’, pompous and has less regard for others.

Sandra is also purported to have confirmed that she was not friends with Jocelyn and is on a different class as compared to the actress/TV Presenter. Interestingly, another male presenter who was seated on Sandra’s table and who is also in good terms with Jocelyn was quite baffled and asked Sandra what Jocelyn had done to her and why she was issuing such invectives against her.

When news of Sandra’s outbursts got to Jocelyn, she also had some strong words for Sandra, stating that the ‘This Day’ presenter is an attention freak, always in a haste to make the headlines and her new car that she’s flaunting around was purchased by her boyfriend who is in prison.

The sources are not sure what must have instigated the two stars not seeing eye-to-eye, but surely, some are attributing the latest rift to the usual case of envy, ego, jealousy, gossip and back-biting as the possible precursors to the situation.

Jocelyn, who is arguably the most popular of the two is turning out to be the go-to actress at the moment after starring in two critically-acclaimed movies, the Leila Djansi-directed ‘Northern Affair’ and Shirley Frimpong-Manso’s ‘ Love Or Something Like That’.

Sandra, after the botched’ Fashion 101’ show, which catapulted her to stardom, is one of the host for TV3’s Morning Show, ‘This Day’- fast-rising to be one of the most-talked-about celebrities in the country at the moment. Well, Razz Newspaper would like to admonish the two pretty presenters that, they are all doing tremendously well in the industry and they must rise above the petty envy, hatred and disdain that comes with the job.

Elsewhere, other astute female celebrities are co-habiting and relating without drama; Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, Rihanna and Katie Perry as well as Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez and many others co-exist happily in a very competitive industry.