Allotey Jacobs blames Ghana’s economic crisis on govt’s anti-gay stance

A former Board member of the Electricity Company of Ghana is blaming the current economic difficulties in Ghana on what he says is “an international conspiracy” against the West African country.

Allotey Jacobs, who is also gunning for the Chairman of the Central Region branch of the governing National Democratic Congress said government’s resilience against the practice of homosexuality in Ghana has turned donors away.

Speaking on Peace FM’s Kokrookoo programme, the ‘educated fisherman’ as he is widely called said there is no longer foreign inflows, remittances have decreased all because Mahama’s government rejected the demands by international bodies for Ghana to legalise gay practice.

The country’s economy is in crisis with record depreciation of the currency, high inflation, high budget deficits among others.

Government spokespersons have given varied reasons for the economic crisis but critics, including members of the opposition New Patriotic Party have been quick to cite corruption, government incompetence for the crisis.

But Allotey Jacobs is convinced Ghana’s development partners who have an ambition to spread gay practice across the world are sabotaging Ghana’s economy.

He said the donors have stopped giving the country money just because the government has been vehement in its decision not to accept gay practice.

He alleged that some politicians under the guise of meeting party people abroad, have clandestinely met some of these development partners with a promise to legalise the gay marriage when they come to power.

But in a quick rebuttal, the Central Region secretary of the opposition New Patriotic Party Kwamena Duncan said Allotey Jacobs’ assertion can only be a figment of his own imagination.

He said Ghana’s economic crisis can only be blamed on government’s crass incompetence and not sabotage by international donors.

In any case, Duncan argued, it is on record that President John Mahama as Vice President had dealings with an international gay rights activist, Andrew Solomon with the latter publicly cajoling the president to lead a crusade in respecting gay rights across the African continent.

Duncan argued what is happening in Ghana cannot be blamed on donors but the Mahama-led government.

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