See The 6 Most Expensive Secondary Schools in Lagos – Nigeria


I came across this and decided it’s worth a read, especially for people like me who are about to start a family.

I was shocked to notice that the school fees paid by a student in these schools can be used to award scholarship to entire secondary schools in a Local Government Area.

Below is the list of six (6) Most Expensive secondary Schools in Nigeria and their School Fees per year.

Here is the list arranged from the six to the highest paying school.

Please don’t misunderstand this, it is NOT the sum of school fees of the entire students, it is just for a single students:

6. Dowen College, Lekki
They charge N2,000,000 annually for a boarding student and N1,250,000 for a day student.

5. Chrisland College, Ikeja
They charge as high as N2,000,000 annually. Fees can be paid annually or termly but on or before the first day of school. These include registration,tuition deposit,accommodation and feeding.

4. Atlantic Hall
They charge as much as N2,270,000 for a student

3. Greensprings School, Anthony
They charge a total of N3,185,200 annually for a boarding student and N1,925,200 for a day student

2. Lekki British International School, Lekki Phase 1.
They charge $19,500 + N200,000 development fee. In Naira, a student pays N4,000,300 per session including feeding,school uniform,hostel, sunday wear and textbooks.

1. British International School, Victoria island
They charge $26,750 + N200,000 annually for a student. This includes boarding facilities, feeding, books,uniforms,textbooks etc. which is about N4,480,000 when converted to naira.