‘Musicians Don’t Support Court Action Against GHAMRO’

A large number of music rights owners who have declared their support for the Ghana Music Right Organisation (GHAMRO) and its board have called on Nana Kwame Ampadu and 100 others to withdraw the suit filed against GHAMRO in order to make way for peace to reign among the stakeholders of the music industry in Ghana.

The rights owners, who could not hide their feelings, told BEATWAVES in separate interviews that the music industry and the stakeholders would not forgive anybody or group of persons whose agenda is to destroy the industry for their selfish gain.

They noted that the collective management organisation is a very demanding job that requires personalities who do not only have the ability to do the job, but more especially the capability and energy to run around, adding that Carlos Sakyi, who is currently the Chairman of GHAMRO, is one of the stakeholders who could better manage the affairs of the collective society in Ghana.

The Chairman of Association of Music Right Organisation (AMRO), C.K Morrison, who is not happy about the court action filed against GHAMRO, told BEATWAVES in an interview that “we don’t support the court action. We want peace in the industry and not war. If there are problems, all we need to do is to organise a meeting to find solutions to the problems. Going to court will not help the industry to grow, it will rather destroy it.”

Mr Morrison disclosed that due to the court action instituted by Nana Kwame Ampadu and 100 others, a number of music users in the country have refused to pay their royalties and the situation is currently affecting the living conditions of the musicians as well as the development of the music industry in Ghana.

One of Ghana’s seasoned highlife musicians, Abrekyereba Kofi Sammy, who is also worried about the current state of the music industry, disclosed to the BEATWAVES that some elders and veterans in the industry have been sidelined “by those who think they have the power to determine the future of the music industry.”

He advised stakeholders to stop making speculative accusations without evidence as it is unhealthy.

Kofi Sammy continued…“Let’s encourage GHAMRO and its board made up mostly of our younger colleagues who so far are doing well by working with them to transform and improve our livelihoods. Enough is enough. Let’s stop doing things that divide us. It’s time for unity and progress, and that must be the focus of all.”