Fuel Operators Dismiss Claims Of Hoarding Commodity Amidst Shortage Of Fuel

Some fuel operators in Kumasi are debunking claims by the public of hoarding the commodity in anticipation of fuel price increase.

They insist the commodity has been scarce as constantly reported by the National Petroleum Authority.

The Authority had earlier indicated a 12percent increase in Petrol and 8percent for diesel by July 1 which raised a general suspicion by the public when fuel stations complained of running out of stock weeks after the hint.

Most fuel stations are still experiencing shortage even a day after the Authority suspended decision to increase fuel prices.

Luv News visit to some of the stations found most of them almost non-functional with their pumps closed down.

All stations have run out of Petrol with few of them having a little diesel in stock.

Some operators who spoke with Luv News want the public to come to terms with shortage and burry any suspicions.

‘Since the shortage begun, drivers have been accusing us of hoarding which is not true. In vindicating ourselves we even go to the extent of dipping our meter stick into our underground reservoirs to prove we don’t have fuel.

Moreover the police and the NPA are going to sanction those who are involved in such act’ One of the operators explained.

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