CONFIRMED: Gospel Musician Cecilia Marfo ‘Suspended’ For Flouting Church Policy can confirm that renowned gospel musician, Cecilia Marfo, has been SUSPENDED by the Church of Pentecost for establishing and operating a prayer camp which is against the policies of the church.

According to the Ashaiman Area head of the church, Cecilia Marfo was called and advised several times to desist from operating the prayer camp but she refused.

Again, it was established that for almost 2 years now, she had stopped attending church service but only operating her prayer camp even on Sundays.

Ashaiman Area Head Speaks

The Church of Pentecost, Ashaiman area, has indefinitely suspended inspirational gospel musician, Cecilia Marfo, from playing any active role in the activities of the church.

The Renowned gospel icon has been suspended for flouting the church policies.

The Ashaiman Area Head of the Church of Pentecost, Apostle Nene Amegatcher, who confirmed this to, explained that the church has instituted a rule directing all its members against establishing prayer centers outside the church.

According to him, Cecilia Marfo refused to obey the rules and has advanced her plans to set up her own prayer camp without the notice of the leadership.

Cecilia Marfo reportedly “deceived” the Area Executives who initially thought the prayer camp was purposely meant for the advancement of career.

Speaking in an interview with, Apostle Nene Amegatcher further disclosed that Cecilia Marfo misled the Executives by informing that she was not establishing a prayer camp but rather organizing prayer meetings with her producers.

But the leadership later found out that she had set up a new prayer camp for the entire community and had been operating it since last year.

Apostle Amegatcher added that since last year, the church has recorded no traces of her presence during services.

“She has never set foot in any church premises in the Ashaiman area since September 2012,” he said.

“The church has a policy that nobody should operate a new prayer centre or prayer camp. We have some prayer centers and prayer camps which are authorized by the church. And that anybody who is blessed with any spiritual gifting should operate within the church and not go outside the church and have his or her own centre. And we realized that she has started operating prayer centres outside the church; we’ve spoken to her about it a couple of times but to no avail.

“She didn’t obey the Area Executives and therefore the Area Executive Committee sat down and realized that as long as you don’t want to go with the policy of the church; there should be a disciplinary action (suspension) taken until there is a change of mind,” Apostle Amegatcher confirmed.

He however debunked claims that the Church of Pentecost has “ex-communicated” her and further emphasized that she is not a “deaconess” in the church as earlier reported.

“She has not been ex-communicated. Ex-communication means that she has been dismissed from the Church of Pentecost. That cannot be true. She has been suspended from taking part in any active church work. And that’s indefinite.”

All this notwithstanding, the Ashaiman Area Head assured Cecilia Marfo that the leadership is ever ready to revoke their decision only if she would also comply with their directives.

“If today, Cecilia changes her mind; the church will welcome her openly. If she changes her mind tomorrow, the church will do so. If she decides to change her mind in 5 years’ time, the church is still waiting.”

Meanwhile, the gospel icon is yet to receive any official letter communicating her suspension from the Church of Pentecost to her.