Christians Should Form A Political Party To Govern Ghana

The Founder of the Institute of Export and Shipping Management, Mr. Felix K. Quarshie has bemoaned over the current class of politicians in the country, saying they are insensitive to the plight of the ordinary Ghanaians.

He, has therefore, urged Christians in the country to rise up to form a political party to take over the administration of the country.

‘I am calling on the Christian community to form a political party to win power to run the affairs of this country because politicians over the years have betrayed, disappointed and abandoned the people of Ghana’.

‘The people of Ghana deserve better and Christians has the responsibility to help transform the people for the betterment of the country’.

Mr. Felix K. Quarshie made this suggestion at the second graduation ceremony of the Institute of Export and Shipping Management held at the school premises at Tetegu in Accra over the weekend.

The Institute of Export and Shipping Management, established in January 1993 with 25 students made up of Ghanaians, Liberians, Togolese, Beninois and Ivoirians was the first private school in Ghana to train students in the area of Shipping Management.

The founder stated that, because the world is full of problems, the school is focused on training people to be creative, innovative to help solve the numerous challenges.

‘We are interested in sensitizing Ghanaians to be innovative, creative and be enterprising. This means we should wake up and create more enterprises of small scale industries and stoop looking for already made jobs’.

‘The wisdom of innovation, creativity and enterprise should be preached and inculcated in the curriculum of all schools of higher learning motivation to yield results’ he said.

The Institute graduated 30 students in Export and Shipping Management.

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