BOKO HARAM: Security Beefed Up In Abuja

Security personnel in large numbers have been deployed to Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) and its environs following the information that Boko Haram might soon attack the area.

Scene of explosion at Emab Plaza, Abuja

Photo: Scene of explosion at Emab Plaza, Abuja

Nigerian Tribune reports with reference to its top security source in Abuja that the move was made after the security forces had received the intelligence reports about the impending attacks.

The source was quoted saying:

“We are not taking any chance again. We heard similar information ahead of the attack at the Emab Plaza, Wuse 11, Abuja and it happened because we didn’t know the exact shopping complex targeted.”

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The staff was directed to numerous places of mass gatherings, including shopping complexes, markets, hotels, mosques, churches and even the Central CBN and the NNPC headquarters.

The security was also enhanced along the major roads and highways leading to the FCT.

Moreover, Nigerian Tribune reports about the installation of screening machines and metal detectors in shopping centers of Abuja metropolis.

It would be recalled that a deadly explosion rocked the city capital last week, at the busy shopping mall Emab Plaza. As a result of the bombing at least 21 people died and 17 sustained serious injuries.  

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