Quran Recitation Contest Begins

Members of the foundation with Eva Lokko

The first edition of a four- week Quranic recitation contest aimed at encouraging Muslim youth to uphold the values enshrined in the Holy Book is set to roll on a national television in the month of Ramadan.

The Ramadan fasting started across the country on Saturday, and is expected to last for 29 or 30 days, where Muslim faithful would abstain from food and water and vices.

The Islamic reality show, with 45 competitors selected from the northern, central and southern zones of the country, is under the auspices of Alhuda Islamic Society and the Sautal Islam Foundation, a non-governmental organisation.

Targeted at both Muslim and non-Muslim audiences, the production is set to air on Fridays on GTV from 3:00pm to 5:00pm.

Prince Moses Zakaria, Secretary of the foundation, told DAILY GUIDE that the programme would enable believers and non-believers of the faith to derive meaning from the content of the book designed to guide descendants of the Holy Prophet Mohammed.

He said participants would demonstrate their ability to recall and translate whatever they recite from the Quran into English.

The foundation’s secretary also explained that emphasis would be placed on the Arabic diction of contestants with the support of three judges to monitor each syllable of the Quran.

‘We would consider how well the contestants translated and committed the Quran to memory. The Quran is usually recited in Arabic and some Muslims and other believers do not comprehend what is read, hence the decision to organise the contest to spread the meaning of the book to the general public,’ he said.

Mr Zakaria added that the competition was designed to urge a large section of Muslim youth to adopt the habit of memorising the Quran, which is a requirement in the practice of Islam.

Expressing certainty, he indicated that the show would attract viewership and create the desired impact, adding that  the winners of the competition would be crowned on the feast of Eid-ul- fitr  and are entitled to a scholarship to study in Saudi Arabia.

Sheikh Arimiyao Jibril, Founder of Alhuda, called on Muslims to make time to meditate on the exact meaning of scriptures in the Quran and abstain from conducts which bring the image of the religion into disrepute.

He said the foundation would not discriminate in providing support to citizens and also tasked all religious groups to live in harmony with one another.

BY Ernest Nutsugah

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