Bisi Ibidapo-Obe On Sale Of s*x Toys: “Nigerians Are Bunch of Hypocrites”


Famous Nollywood star — Bisi Ibidapo Obe has boldly come forward to accuse Nigerians of being hypocrites because of the way they think making her wonder if it is a crime to sell s*x toys.

While speaking to Sun Newspaper, Bisi said Nigerians pretend a lot about their s*x lives and even though she mostly sells men and female underwear, she wonders if it is a crime to sell s*x toys too.

Hear her: –

‘If I sell s*x toys so what? Nigerians are a bunch of hypocrites. They make issues out of non-issues. When I travelled to London I saw some newly wedded couples buying s*x toys but back here, Nigerians believe that those that buy s*x toys are harlots. In fact, there is dignity in the use of s*x toys. I am not into the sales of only s*x toys but there is a big market for them.’