Abuja Blast: Fatally Wounded Terrorist Was Carrying Another Explosive Device

Photo - Abuja Bombing: Dead Terrorist Was Conveying Another Explosive

Soldiers examining the wreckage of the alleged bombers’ car at Emab Plaza blast scene in Abuja

More explosives were seized from suspects who allegedly coordinated the bombing of Emab Shopping Plaza in Wuse II, Abuja, according to the Defence Headquarters.

A statement made by the Director Defence Information Major General Chris Olukolade said: “Bystanders at the scene of the explosion alerted soldiers on patrol to the two suspects who were speeding off on a power bike.”

When the soldiers fatally wounded one of the suspects, he fell off the motorbike with his bag as the second suspect tried to escape through the crowd.

“The bag recovered from the suspect was later confirmed to contain a package of IED and other accessories including stop clock, mobile phones and other materials used for setting off explosives.

“The suspect who was shot by the soldiers finally died in the hospital as he defiantly yelled “People will die! People will die!!” Olukolade said.

According to Olukolade, two other suspects also arrested at the scene of the explosion are currently being interrogated.

Meanwhile, Olukolade said a makeshift camp of terrorists in Miyanti and Bulungu, Borno State have been sacked during a raid on their hideouts.

“Over 50 terrorists died in the clash. A fuel dump used for storing fuel for their operations as well as vehicles including Toyota Hillux trucks, Peugeot cars, and 7 motorcycles were destroyed in the raid, while 15 rifles, 11 machine guns and hundreds of ammunitions were captured by the troops,” Olukolade said.

In a separate encounter around Duguri near Nigerian – Nigerien border, troops of the Multinational Joint Task Force stormed a terrorists’ hideout in a raid and recovered 18 rifles, 5 General Purpose Machine Guns, 25 hand grenades and IED making materials.

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