How Boko Haram Terrorists Treat Us In Sambisa Forest- Escaped Chibok Girl Narrates Ordeal

Another Chibok girl who escaped the boko haram sects’ den after being kidnapped with over 200 girls by the terrorists on April 14 in Borno state has revealed how she and eight other girls managed to escape and how they were treated by the sects.

The escaped Chibok girl revealed to Leadership how the sects divided them(Chibok girls) into three different camps on their arrival at the forest.

She said: “When we got to the Sambisa forests they decided to divide us into three groups and each group was asked to go to different direction of the forest”.

We were taken to the camp from where we were able to escape. We never saw the other girls in the other two camps till we managed to run back home,” she told Leadership.

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“Some of them were speaking to us in harsh tone, but others will tell them not to be harsh on us; all of them were holding guns, and many use to cover their faces. They asked us to always sit very close to one another; each time we hear the sound of an aircraft, they would ask us to quickly go under the thick shrubs and trees that no one can spot us there; and the plane will come and go without sighting us”.

“We didn’t run in the night. It was towards evening when we went to fetch water; about five of us planned to run that day, but when the time came one of us was not nearby, so we bolted off and ran until we got to a certain spot where we hid under some thick shrubs. There we waited to see if the fifth girl would join us, but she never did. So we had to wait till when it was very dark before we crept away and ran till day break.

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We ran into a Fulani nomad who hid us in his house, then later assisted us to escape further by showing us the path we had to take back to Chibok; from there we got to a village, near Chibok and a man who saw us quickly took us into his house and hid us for some time so that the people there would not know we were there, because according to him some of the Boko Haram informants in the village might want to harm us if they found out we were in the village.”

Its been about over 70 days since the abduction of the girls and although some were lucky to have escaped the Boko haram sects captivity others are still missing.

Earlier this month, some of the escaped narrated their ordeal.

On June 7, it was reported one of the escaped Chibok girls in an interview revealed her shocking ordeal when she was abducted of how she was raped 15 times by 15 men.

On June 4, another abducted Chibok schoolgirls who managed to escape from her abductors who held them hostage in Sambisa forest revealed what the camp looks like, that they were taken to were all trees and shrubs, with no buildings for shelter.