BOKO HARAM: 50 Nigerian Businessmen Arrested By The Cameroonian Military

The Cameroon’s military authorities said they have arrested 50 Nigerian businessmen who are allegedly supporting the dreaded Boko haram sects.

This development is coming two days after it was reported that the Cameroonian soldiers killed 10 suspected members of the Islamist group.

The Wednesday killing, according to the Voice of America, took place in Mora along the Cameroon border with Borno State.

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The military said, in addition to killing some of the militants, it confiscated vehicles, a large number of weapons, and detained dozens of Nigerians on suspicion of aiding Boko Haram.

On June 24, it was reported that the Military of Cameroon reportedly arrested 40 Boko Haram suspects in the country north and sealed off the market, where the dreaded sect militants are allegedly hiding weapon they use for their deadly operations.

The spokesperson for the Cameroonian military, Colonel Chioka Pierre, told the VOA they had been conducting sweeps as part of an intensified crackdown on persons behind violent incidents in Cameroon, believed to be connected to the Islamist insurgents.

He said they had been searching border villages to prevent incursions or to stop militants from using the country as a hideout or launching pad for attacks. According to him, local residents are cooperating with the military to root out Boko Haram suspects in the area.

There have been reports of strange faces seen in the border villages and residents said they were afraid Boko Haram might be recruiting young, unemployed people in Cameroon.

It will be recalled that It was reported that the boko haram terrorists were snatching young boys from Cameroonian schools located around the border with Nigeria and were forcing them into the sect, which caused fear among the people.

According to a Cameroonian, Bipong Dennis: “We are seeing most of our graduates every year having no jobs. Tell me, if somebody comes and proposes a high sum of money to join this organisation, most youths are desperate, they will be forced to do everything to get into these extremist activities”.

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Military spokesperson, Colonel Didier Badjeck, acknowledged Boko Haram had become a serious threat in northern Cameroon and said the security situation in northern Cameroon was getting worse and the terrorist group was a threat in terms of recruiting young people, killing, looting and stealing.