‘The Bomber Was Pretending To Be Drunk’ – Abuja Blast Victims Recount Ordeal

Following the Wednesday’s explosion at a busy shopping mall Emab Plaza in Abuja, which left 21 dead and 17 injured, some of the victims have recounted their ordeal.

Some of the victims who sustained injuries and are receiving treatment at the Maitama District Hospital in Abuja, are grateful to God who spared their lives, Punch reports.

abuja blast victim

L-R: Sulaiman Ademola, Donald Tyokasi, Junaid Olatunji

Recounting what happened, Donald Tyokasi, a 22-year-old student of the National Open University of Nigeria, said the bomber who was driving a Toyota Sienna and trying to get into the plaza through the exit gate was pretending to be drunk when he was asked by the security agents to go back and take the right entrance.

Within seconds after I left that point, I heard a big bang and found myself on the ground. My right leg was affected. Presently, I can’t stand with it,” he said.

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According to Michael Ojeh whose mother was one of the victims of the blast, the bomber who was wearing a caftan bought newspaper from him and was asking him irrelevant questions. After which he left and entered his vehicle close to the exit gate of the plaza and not long after, there was a blast.

A 24-year-old fashion designer, Sulaiman Ademola, said the bomber had insisted on going into the Plaza through the exit gate and he was prevented from doing so by the security men at the gate but he refused to be stopped.

As he bent his head towards the Sienna that he was driving, I told my friend that we should get away from there. Within a few seconds, there was an explosion. Many people died and that is why I give thanks to Almighty God. I saw many corpses on the ground. Heads, hands and legs littered everywhere,” he said.

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Recounting his own experience, Junaid Taofeek Olatunji, a student of Biology/Integrated Science at the Federal College of Education, Kontangora, Niger State, said the incident happened as they were going to the mosque for the 4pm prayer.

Olatunji said, “On our way, we saw some people arguing and they didn’t allow a car to enter the plaza. As the argument continued, I heard an explosion and immediately, I saw human flesh and bones littering everywhere. I was confused and I didn’t know what I was doing again. I thought my head had been blown off by the blast. I touched my head while on the ground and realised that it was there. I stood up and was looking for help, but help didn’t come immediately.”