Ogas At The TOP: Corruption Is Not Theft, Chibok Help Outsourced, Alison-Madueke In Rihanna’s Shut Up and Drive Remake (PHOTOS & VIDEOS)

The up and coming Naija comedy puppet show Ogas At The Top keeps entertaining Nigerians with hilarious episodes based on actual events in the life of the country. Below is the review of three episodes which deserve attention and would certainly make you laugh:

1. Corruption is not theft 

President Goodluck Jonathan declared during his presidential media chat in May this year: “Most of what you call ‘corruption’ is just people stealing. Stealing is not corruption.” 

Ogas At The TOP: Corruption Is Not Theft

The creators of the show, BuniTV, present the situation, when a person gets two years in prison for N700 affair, while another man’s case of N700m fraud is dismissed. The lawyer of the second man knows how to cite the president in the proper manner.

2. Help outsourced

Earlier this week we explained how extra attention to #BringBackOurGirls is drawn by the episodes of the comedy show. And here goes another example:

Ogas At The TOP: Help outsourced 

The Presidential Aide, Reuben Abati, briefs President Jonathan on the current situation with abducted girls. GEJ is happy that the USA, the UK, Israel are helping Nigeria to get its daughters back. However, he also suggests to contact a country with rich experience in kidnappings… Afghanistan! 

3. Shut Up and Fly, feat. DAM (Diezani Alison-Madueke)

Comedy is often indistinguishable from music. In a remake of Rihanna’s hit song Shut Up and Drive, the Petroleum Minister Lady want to hire the most qualified pilot to fly her fine-tuned, supersonic Gulfst…

Ogas At The TOP: Shut Up and Fly 

She succeeds in her mission, finds the right Captain, who always brings good luck.

Ogas At The TOP: Shut Up and Fly

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