Hon Robert Mosore, MP for Talensi.

Hon Robert Mosore, MP for Talensi.

The Member of Parliament for the Talensi Constituency, Hon Robert Nachinab Doameng Mosore has underscored the urgent need for the government to review and focus its policies on downstream petro-chemical processing to refine oil locally as the only means for Ghana to fully satisfy her fuel requirements.

This when done he said would ensure a permanent and a more effective fuel supply to satisfy the energy needs of the local economy for productive development to take place.

He wondered why government has failed to recapitalize the Tema Oil Refinery (TOR) to position it strategically to refine oil for the domestic market at a cheaper cost rather than the continuous importation of refined oil at the peril of the economy.

According to him it is not prudent for government to keep importing crude in an era of Ghana`s oil discovery in commercial quantities.

He indicated that apart from the benefits of getting maximum yields in terms of getting all levels of crude from local refinery, it would also generate employment opportunities for the masses and expand the local economy.

He described the small liftings by the Bulk Distribution Companies (BDCS) as a short term measure that is not sustainable for the future.

Hon Mosore demeaned claims that it is more expensive to refine oil locally than import it from elsewhere saying if that argument was anything to go by we might as well import everything else we need as a country because it is cheaper to do so” he chides.

He said it high time for us as people to learn to have strategic assets for ourselves and stop the dependency theory.

The MP said he is not surprised by the fuel shortage that the country is confronted with because the measures took by the government were short term and unsustainable in the long run.

He charged government to support TOR with all the necessary resource to enable it operate to its full capacity and efficiently.

He expressed dismay about government’s lack of commitment to resource TOR to facilitate the nation`s ambition of expanding the oil and gas sector.

The Talensi MP urged government to pay the BDC`s quickly as short term measure whiles concentrating on building more local refineries in the country.

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